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♥ Maybe one day, give us one more try

♥ Sunday, January 11, 2015

Recently I read about a post where the older you get, the more you understand what you look for a partner. I really think I have extremely high expectations I have in the guy I look for. I'd admit that I have went on a few dates or almost a few times and each time a successful or unsuccessful one happens, it just hit me real hard.

Many a times, when I get to know a guy I'm "dating", it makes me miss little Puffy more since he was the closest ever to my ideal boyfriend, only issue is him lying to me that he didn't smoke when he could have honestly told me that he did. I wouldn't be mad, cause I know quitting that quickly isn't easy, especially when your best friends in school are smokers.

I'm sorry guys, I will always compare, cause I'd already figured out what I look for in a guy through one of my past relationships. So if you want to date me, do try hard or you'll be out the door.

Reminiscing @ 1:07 AM

♥ Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Have you ever miss someone you just cried for no reason? That pain and hurt you feel that moment is indescribable. That feeling of loss and falling into self pity, disappointment, hate and regret that you are not up to standards.

Heads up girl, it's not you, it's him. For once, it's not about you. It's not because you're not good enough, it's because he doesn't see the value in you.

Reminiscing @ 4:01 AM

♥ Sunday, April 27, 2014

I mentioned that I wanna start a new blog but the template had some issue so I didn't exactly start it either. Already created one but yet to post anything yet. URL creation was tough as I didn't know what I want to put it as haha.

Anyways, finals are nearing and project submissions are due soon as well. I'm so not pumped up ever since Spring semester started and this is bad, really bad, but somehow I'm still alive and going haha! Can't exactly wait for this of long semester to be over and I'm left with three short summer semester till graduation ^^

My random little post shall not be long so toddles!

Reminiscing @ 3:09 AM

♥ Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'll probably start on a new blog sooner or later as there has been things that constantly pop up on my mind that I would like to write about as speaking with somebody else might seem weird. There may or may not be sensitive topics but I ain't sure, but I know there will definitely be one that is quite sensitive (at least to myself And my girl-friends), but somehow I wanna voice my opinion out about it. So yea, gotta think of a blog name and such. Perhaps just gonna stick with the basic layout provided. Not sure about it too.

Reminiscing @ 11:49 PM

♥ Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello stalker, your stalking skills is at it's finest sia. It's amusing and creepy at the same time gosh :/ If you get pissed seeing this then you admit you are one lol. Sorry but face it, it's a fact.

Love you, nah not really. Bye.

Reminiscing @ 12:40 AM

♥ Thursday, November 14, 2013

Today one of my friend who is not so close suddenly asked me am I alright. When I asked him why, he said I look sad… Hmm… I won't deny I am sad, but did it really show? My best friend said I don't look sad so I'm not sure. But thanks for your concern A, I really appreciate it ^^

But on the side note, it made me wonder do I look sad or whatever you may like to call it, but I can't seem to find anything about reading or telling if somebody is sad (unless you can read faces) :/ Just read up a bit of stuff and somehow it's telling me I'm showing depression symptoms :( Like all of em' except the I-wanna-commit-suicide symptom lol.

So maybe, just maybe, I am indeed depressed due to certain personal matters that happened and administrative stuff regarding next year's Summer Program at the main campus that is piling the weight on my shoulders. How I felt abandon by a friend or two. so very stressed that projects, presentations and exams are never ending.

Let this all come to an end please.

Loves, pepper-san aka Leennn ♥
Just like seasons, people change.

Reminiscing @ 8:36 PM

♥ Sunday, November 10, 2013

Perhaps the last post for this blog, or I may start blogging again, I ain't sure.

Was a bit on and off with my mood and such, and lost quite a bit of weight. Haha nah not really, just 2~3kg lol. May I fight to lose 7kg in total :P

Mmm... I do think for quite a bit these days since it was nearing. Set my mind to block things out for a week now, no weeping, no feelings, no love. But somehow I teared for a bit now, so decided to come write out some stuff to make myself feel better lol.

On a sidenote... A bit of an eye candy on somebody; but perhaps its just to get my mind off stuff. But hey, le eye candy sat beside my usual seat cause his table was too packed with stuff that he said he was lazy to move them aside lol! But no leen, never the same mistake again... He was an eye candy in the past too. Still is, but some stuff changed the impression I guess... But the feelings are still there.

Am grateful for the number of people who realize things are amiss (even if you did not ask, but observed, kudos to you! You know who you are!). Really have to thank them for being there even though I may have abandoned you at some point of time... My sincere apologies. You guys (and girls) ain't mad but still, I'm sorry. Slap me if it ever happens again please :)

Loves, pepper-san aka Leennn ♥
It's sad how someone who means so much to you last year, can be a stranger now.


Reminiscing @ 2:10 AM

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